Misconceptions of Buying Online Sex Toys In Malaysia

online sex toys in malaysia

Many people seem embarrassed to admit that they use sex toys in their life. Some feel insecure and are afraid of other people’s perspectives on this. This is probably because sex toys have not been advertised that much in the past and people always get the wrong idea about this. Mislead of information happens all the time due to the fact that couples feel shy to ask about sex toys to another person like their family members or close friends. Some are curious about dildos, vibrators, or anal toys but are afraid that people will label them as a pervert or weirdo if they ask for their opinions.

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Some group of people makes it even difficult for them as these groups declare themselves as antis and oppose to the use of sex toys. These groups of people are responsible for spreading false information and rumors about sex toys that make people feel afraid and hesitant to try. They boycott sex toys products and try to bring down companies producing and selling sex toys because to them, it seems like the right thing to do so that everyone will have a healthy sex life. Thus, you could see quite a lot of misconceptions floating around on the Internet, and perhaps it is time for you and your partner to be aware of them. This is why there are many online sex toys being sold in Malaysia.

Sex Toys Is Unhygienic And Could Causes Diseases

buying online sex toys malaysia

Let’s take a look at the first misconceptions people often heard about sex toys. This is not true because despite the fact that you place them in your private parts, it does not mean that it’s unhygienic. It is only natural that certain fluids will be covering the toys, but it can be washed and reused. Couples who use them often already know the correct way to wash them after use. They either use boiling water or clean them with some water and a mild soap. The toys will then be dried properly and kept in a clean place. Hence, hopefully more people will know about this misconception and stop spreading false info that sex toys can causes infection and diseases because they are unhygienic. It’s not like the users are young children who cannot take care of themselves. It’s common sense for the toys to be washed after use and aftercare is a thing, you know? Plus, the couples will have each other to remind them of the cleaning that does not even take a long time.

Sex Toys Encourage Women To Be Lesbians

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First things first, women that are lesbians mean that they already figure out their sexuality and it has nothing to do with sex. This is because being a lesbian does not mean that they no longer enjoy sex and try to rein in their sexual desires. It is a part of themselves that is attracted to other women instead of males. They can still enjoy sex despite not doing it with a guy. Sex toys are simply a device that they use to enhance their sexual pleasure. Many women used them to masturbate, so it is not logical for us to say that they encourage women to be lesbians. There are many online sex toys in Malaysia that are sold for both female and male pleasure and it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

People Who Use Sex Toys Are Not Satisfied With Their Partner


Here comes another misconception that should be debunked. Some couples believe that if their partner happens to use a sex toy, they are no longer satisfied with their partner’s skills to please them. This is ridiculous as sex toys can be used on each other on bed instead of just masturbation purposes. Some people use sex toys on their partner to satisfy their kinks and try new things to satisfy each other’s sexual desires. Sex toys let them experiment with different sensations, stimulation areas and simultaneous pleasure points in a safe manner, hence being able to have the best sex experiences with each other. Plus, sex toys cannot replace your partner because it cannot give you kisses, warm hugs and sweet words for you. The idea that using sex toys means the user is not satisfied with their partner should be thrown out the window.

Those Who Used Sex Toys Are Perverts

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Of course not. Just because some of us are good at utilizing the use of such devices does not mean that we deserve such malicious labels. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things in bed and getting your partner in on that too. If anything, it let you have a closer bond with your partner as you feel that sex is not just about getting fucked and pleasing each other. It’s also about making love by understanding each other on better terms. Doesn’t mean you see someone purchasing online sex toys in Malaysia, you should automatically categorize them as a pervert. Fulfilling one’s sexual needs is only human and it should not be frowned upon.

In a nutshell, it is amusing how many misconceptions are there on the Internet and how many people believe them to be true. More people should be aware that they should be checking if the rumors about sex toys are correct or otherwise by confirming them with the people who actually have experienced using sex toys. Sex toys actually have a lot of benefits including contributing to your physical health. It is unfortunate that some people choose to be ignorant and simply avoid trying out sex toys because of these misconceptions.

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