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sex toys malaysia

Health Benefits Of Sex Toys That You Might Not Know

Sex toys do such a better job at pleasing us than ourselves or other people, most of the time. This is because they provide great pleasure for us with all the methods or techniques we have, but better. For instance, a man feels good when there is stimulation, normally by hand, along his penis, right? There is a toy for that. Women love clitoral stimulation, correct? There is definitely a toy for that. 

The point is, you do not have to stress yourself or tire yourself out and just get the help of a sex toy because there is certainly a toy for any type of stimulation and sensation you prefer. You might even discover new sensitive spots and new ways to orgasm, you just never know. This does not only mean for the people who masturbate but also for the people in relationships wanting to try new things and spice up the sex. Yes, there are sex toys for couples of any sexuality as well. Adult toys are for everyone and most certainly everyone can benefit from them. There are so many misconceptions about sex toys but we can assure you that those aren't true. What you might not know is that these toys bring health benefits as well. Here are some of them:

Decreases Menopausal Pain

menopause no more pain

For women who are at the age of menopause and possibly too tired for sexual intercourse, sex toys for women can come in very handy. If you were to buy sex toys from a sex toy shop in Malaysia, you could very well decrease the pains that you would experience during menopause. You see, when you are going through menopause, it can cause pains such as joint and muscle pains. Over time, you will notice that certain areas of your body may ache more and more. By using sex toys to achieve orgasms, you will get to save your energy and decrease those menopausal pains. The reason why it will save your energy is that there are so many sex toys that just do the work for you. Take, a vibrator, for example. Women can orgasm simply by clitoral stimulation. Thus, a vibrator is just the perfect toy for that. Other than that, a rabbit vibrator can also help a lot since it provides both stimulations by vaginal penetration as well as clitoral stimulation. 

Stress No More

By using sex toys to orgasm on your own or enhance your orgasms during sex with a partner, your body will release a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is what controls our positive emotions. A lot of people call it the feel-good chemical. By increasing the release of dopamine to your brain, it has been proven to make people feel more relaxed, happier and decrease stress. 

Another benefit of sex toys on your mental health worth noting is that when you use sex toys, you are more likely to explore how your body feels pleasure. Thus, this will boost your confidence about your body as well as your confidence in bed. You would get to know your body more than anyone else and that is an amazing feeling. 

Increases Sex Drive

sex toys for women

As mentioned before how your confidence can increase, this will increase your sex drive alongside that. Sex drive is important in order to achieve orgasms and have a better time in bed with your partner. This is because a good relationship thrives on your sexual activity most of the time. This means that including sex toys in the picture will enhance your sexual experiences by increasing your sex drive. If you want to live a somewhat healthier life with greater sexual experiences, get sex toys. 

Boosts Your Immune System

eating after sex

Yes, including sex toys in your life can definitely help boost your immune system. This is because when you orgasm, there will be an increase in cortisol levels in your blood flow. This will, bit by bit, make your immune system stronger than before. I bet you never thought you would hear this but, you should get sex toys to live a longer and happier life.

Decrease Chances Of Prostate Cancer

sex toys for men

For men, there is always the chance of getting prostate cancer. However, with the help of sex toys and regularly ejaculating, this will rid of any possible cancer cells that are in your prostate. It’s like preventing something from happening before it happens. 

Thus, it’s not a question that you should go get yourself a sex toy or get a sex toy to enhance sex with your partner. Rest assured, it will be a magical experience, indeed. 

online sex toys in malaysia

Misconceptions of Buying Online Sex Toys In Malaysia

Many people seem embarrassed to admit that they use sex toys in their life. Some feel insecure and are afraid of other people’s perspectives on this. This is probably because sex toys have not been advertised that much in the past and people always get the wrong idea about this. Mislead of information happens all the time due to the fact that couples feel shy to ask about sex toys to another person like their family members or close friends. Some are curious about dildos, vibrators, or anal toys but are afraid that people will label them as a pervert or weirdo if they ask for their opinions.

buing dildos

Some group of people makes it even difficult for them as these groups declare themselves as antis and oppose to the use of sex toys. These groups of people are responsible for spreading false information and rumors about sex toys that make people feel afraid and hesitant to try. They boycott sex toys products and try to bring down companies producing and selling sex toys because to them, it seems like the right thing to do so that everyone will have a healthy sex life. Thus, you could see quite a lot of misconceptions floating around on the Internet, and perhaps it is time for you and your partner to be aware of them. This is why there are many online sex toys being sold in Malaysia.

Sex Toys Is Unhygienic And Could Causes Diseases

buying online sex toys malaysia

Let's take a look at the first misconceptions people often heard about sex toys. This is not true because despite the fact that you place them in your private parts, it does not mean that it's unhygienic. It is only natural that certain fluids will be covering the toys, but it can be washed and reused. Couples who use them often already know the correct way to wash them after use. They either use boiling water or clean them with some water and a mild soap. The toys will then be dried properly and kept in a clean place. Hence, hopefully more people will know about this misconception and stop spreading false info that sex toys can causes infection and diseases because they are unhygienic. It's not like the users are young children who cannot take care of themselves. It's common sense for the toys to be washed after use and aftercare is a thing, you know? Plus, the couples will have each other to remind them of the cleaning that does not even take a long time.

Sex Toys Encourage Women To Be Lesbians

female sex toys

First things first, women that are lesbians mean that they already figure out their sexuality and it has nothing to do with sex. This is because being a lesbian does not mean that they no longer enjoy sex and try to rein in their sexual desires. It is a part of themselves that is attracted to other women instead of males. They can still enjoy sex despite not doing it with a guy. Sex toys are simply a device that they use to enhance their sexual pleasure. Many women used them to masturbate, so it is not logical for us to say that they encourage women to be lesbians. There are many online sex toys in Malaysia that are sold for both female and male pleasure and it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

People Who Use Sex Toys Are Not Satisfied With Their Partner


Here comes another misconception that should be debunked. Some couples believe that if their partner happens to use a sex toy, they are no longer satisfied with their partner's skills to please them. This is ridiculous as sex toys can be used on each other on bed instead of just masturbation purposes. Some people use sex toys on their partner to satisfy their kinks and try new things to satisfy each other's sexual desires. Sex toys let them experiment with different sensations, stimulation areas and simultaneous pleasure points in a safe manner, hence being able to have the best sex experiences with each other. Plus, sex toys cannot replace your partner because it cannot give you kisses, warm hugs and sweet words for you. The idea that using sex toys means the user is not satisfied with their partner should be thrown out the window.

Those Who Used Sex Toys Are Perverts

onl;ine sex toys malaysia banana

Of course not. Just because some of us are good at utilizing the use of such devices does not mean that we deserve such malicious labels. There's nothing wrong with trying new things in bed and getting your partner in on that too. If anything, it let you have a closer bond with your partner as you feel that sex is not just about getting fucked and pleasing each other. It's also about making love by understanding each other on better terms. Doesn't mean you see someone purchasing online sex toys in Malaysia, you should automatically categorize them as a pervert. Fulfilling one's sexual needs is only human and it should not be frowned upon.

In a nutshell, it is amusing how many misconceptions are there on the Internet and how many people believe them to be true. More people should be aware that they should be checking if the rumors about sex toys are correct or otherwise by confirming them with the people who actually have experienced using sex toys. Sex toys actually have a lot of benefits including contributing to your physical health. It is unfortunate that some people choose to be ignorant and simply avoid trying out sex toys because of these misconceptions.

sex toys for couples

3 Benefits Of Sex Toys For Couples.

Sex toys have been used for quite a long time ago but the users during that time were not as open as the users these days is revealing the fact that they really use sex toys in their bedroom. Society has not always been accepting of the idea of sex toys for couples. They look down on the items because those who use them are considered a failure as they are not able to please their partner on their own. There are rumors that using them is unhygienic and could cause cancer. Some even think that using sex toys is an insult to their masculinity. It makes them feel humiliated and makes them feel that they are not good enough in bed that their partner ended up using the items. However, times have brought changes to the development of sex toys and along the way, society has adapted to the idea of using sex toys with their partner. Sex toys are pretty common these days where it is fine to do that and more people are using them. They no longer feel restricted by the judgment of society and became more comfortable in admitting that they have been using sex toys to spice up their relationship. 

There are actually many benefits of sex toys for couples you and your partner are not aware of.

Contribute To Your Partner's Self Confidence

sex toys for couples confidence

Do you know that in some countries like Malaysia, Muslims are only allowed to have sex after they are married to their partners? Having sex during their dating days or before marriage is a big sin because it could lead to an unplanned pregnancy. This is the opposite for Westerners where sex is a part of their lives when they date someone they love and feel ready to do that. Hence, most Muslims only experience sex after at least a couple of decades of their life. They might be shy and insecure with their body since they have never shown it to anyone else for intimate reasons before their married partner. Their sex life might not go smoothly as they do not feel confident with their body and have not to figure out their sexual desires. They still do not know what could turn them on and which positions they enjoy in bed. This is a good reason for you to suggest using sex toys for couples as they can masturbate or they can learn more about their body with the items like vibrators and dildos. You can even use them together so that they will not be scared of the idea. Ensure that you have their consent and try to take it slow if they are uncomfortable. As they get used to them, your partner will be more confident as they know better how to maximize both of theirs and your sexual experiences.

Improves Communication Between Couples

Communication is the key to a long-term relationship and avoiding conflict. Bringing in sex toys into your bedroom means that you and your partner are fine with variety being incorporated into your sexual experiences. Your relationship will stay fresh as you do not stick to only one way of pleasuring your partner. This will avoid a couple from being bored and improves communication. Couples that ensure their sex experience varies from time to time show that they often communicate with each other to discuss about that. In a way, using sex toys help couples to talk more about their preferences, dislikes, or kinks. They are far more comfortable with each other compared to couples who cannot be honest with their partner about their sexual desires. It will only cause misunderstanding and breakup due to the couples failing to learn more about each other.

Give Positive Outcomes To Your Health 

sex toys benefits

It might be surprising for some of you that using sex toys for couples can contribute to a good health. However, scientists have been proving that orgasm can help your body to feel more relaxed and give you a good sleep. This means that sex toys can enhance your sexual pleasure as they help you to find your partner’s pleasure spots. They are helpful for couples that are too tired to sleep but decided that great sex will make them feel less restless to go to bed. As your body relaxes due to the orgasm, you will go to sleep more easily. Plus, you can have a deep sleep which will give your body the rest it so deserves.

sex toys for couples

All in all, the time has come where society is more exposed to the usage of sex toys. Even if people think that they are good for masturbation or single person, more couples should be aware that it will also benefit their sex life and relationship in the long run. Perhaps more sex toys for couples should be sold openly so that people will know more about the benefits of the items. Simply buying them online could not make up for the details you can gather from a sex toy’s employee. It’s only logical that they will know a lot about them since it’s a part of their job. Hopefully, more couples will not be weirded out by the idea of using sex toys for couples in their bedroom in the future. It is a waste since there are more benefits of sex toys for couples than they thought. 

Sex Toys For Men & Women: The Psychological Benefits

Despite living in the 21st century where all sorts of advancement are taking place, many parts of society still strongly oppose talking freely about self-sexual pleasures and utilizing sex toys for men and women in everyday use. People tend to classify sex-related issues as taboo topics, which has been an unhealthy method in restraining everyone, including curious teenagers, young adults and adults who are still cluelessly navigating their sexual desires—due to this, discussing their preferences and exploring more about sexual acts are put on hold as they are unsure who to consult with and talk to about. Not only that, it is statistically proven that women’s pleasure is never put as a priority.

sleep after sex toys use

About a year ago, a company managing billboard advertisement at New York’s subway had blatantly rejected an exclusive ad commercializing women’s sex toys which are debunked as distasteful. The irony in this particularly misogynistic statement is when the same ads are put forward but focusing on men’s sex toys; it is surprisingly accepted without further refutation. These are the people who object to women receiving sexual aid, and if they do, they will be deemed selfish and other negative slurs. 

Chance to Be More Self-Dominant

sex toys for men and bdsm

There are many reasons to offer sex toys in sexual intercourse, be it when you are alone or with a partner. Some people prefer to control themselves by utilizing sex toys for men and women, whereas partners do this to spice things up between their usual sexual exploration. It is common for men to have the upper hands in controlling the flow during the act. But with the use of sex toys, you can be the dominant one instead.

Hormones Release

sex toys for men and women bring joy

No one should be deprived of sexual acts because it is everyone’s right to cater to their needs. Sexual deprivation can cause serious mental health issues. This is because our mind and mood are interconnected with the release of endorphin and oxytocin, along with the emotional intimacy that is gained from sexually being with someone. As women, other hormones are as vital when having sexual activities, and those are estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA. When you are close to your monthly menstrual cycle, the hormonal fluctuation drives you to engage in sexual activity. Because of this, it is mundanely normal to feel needy and have an urge to satisfy yourself sexually.

Masturbation To Self-Satisfy

Unfortunately, it is common for one of the partners (usually women) to never release themselves due to the other individual’s weak stamina. Due to this, a lot of them are suffering from sexual displeasure and the feeling of dissatisfaction. This is when sex toys for men and women are going to help you fulfil your desire. There are a variety of sex toy types that are sold widely across the globe. Many have different functional purposes, but they are all primarily made to cater to your needs. Some people would instead use sex toys rather than doing it physically with another person due to the various selections and flexibility. Solo sex can also be unique, just as much as when you do it with your partner. If you know sex toys and their numerous functions, you can let yourself sway with them for a long time. 

Body Positivity and Self-Confidence

dildos  during sex

Sex toy utilisation in your sexual activities can enormously contribute to a whole level of body positivity and increase your self-confidence in many aspects. This is because when you pay a significant amount of attention to yourself only, you will get to learn so much more than what is the usual surface sight you see—exploring your body parts and finding out your specific sexual point that you favour. It will give you a chance to increase your self-esteem. We tend to be in somewhat of a denial situation where we refuse to focus on our bodies whenever we can. We tend to divert our focus to something else. This indication sends signals to our minds that we are negatively pouring misconceptions onto ourselves. Due to that, we live every day in worry and uneasy feelings because we are not confident and happy with our bodies.

Stress Reliever

stress relieve

For many insomniac cases, they tend to be unable to get enough hours of sleep due to extreme overthinking and being super overloaded with stress. People with chronic anxiety are often diagnosed with insomnia due to their uncontrollable thinking about the unknown future. To help to improve your self condition, satisfying yourself sexually can help contribute to a peaceful night. If you have no one beside you, this is when your sex toys for men and women come to use. When you are engaged in doing this, you are stimulating hormone releases called endorphin and dopamine. These two are widely known to be the most vital in aiding us to deal with stress and anxiety. It will also improve your sleep quality by making you feel more relaxed and less tense than before. 

bdsm sex toys male

A Guide To BDSM Sex Toys For Beginners

Sex toys are slowly becoming a widely discussed tool as it contributes significantly to one’s sexual pleasure. We can see these days, instead of being shunned away from speaking about sex toys, most people are embracing this clever invention that gives individuals the freedom to experience sexually arousing moments of their own choices and preferences. Sex toys are beneficial for many parties with their particular kinks and inclinations, and they can use these tools to get on with it. Even when you are alone, you can fully satisfy yourself using sex toys. In contrast, some individuals and couples are somewhat adventurous, exploring beyond their limitations by utilizing sex toys during their sexual intercourse. Those who are keen on experiencing different sensations will like the idea of kinky BDSM sex toys. 

masks toy

BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, role-playing, fetishes, and those in the same line. Certain people prefer these types of distinction in their sexual plays as they relieve the pressuring stress by channeling it to the right way. However, consent is the most vital part of doing this, and it is supposed to be engaged after mutual agreement on similar preferences. 

bdsm whips

Various kinds of sex toys that are sold are slowly focusing on providing BDSM kinks. This is due to the increasing interest from the public after the world’s phenomenal film Fifty Shades of Grey. That specific film gives us enough peeks into the whole idea of catering to fetishism and how restraints can be thoroughly savored. 

For beginners, BDSM sex toys might be too much for you due to their overwhelmingly different types that come with different purposes. Here is the guide in choosing BDSM sex toys for your future sexual pleasure. 

Bondage and Restraints


The first one is suitable for those who are new to this side of BDSM. Bondage and restraints are the most common BDSM kinks that people go for. This is considered a mild level in intensity and is very recommended for fresh starters. Not only that, it is easier to cater to the resources when it comes to bondage. There are essential home tools you can use to replicate the sex toy purpose. 

Since you are still making out what you prefer, discovering new BDSM sex toys with your partners will help increase trust and understandability. 


bdsm sex toys tape

This is another highly sought-after sex toy specifically for those with disciplining fetish. It is a good tool for beginners to spice things up between couples especially. There are many improved versions of handcuffs that highlight the wearer’s comfort and put a lot of thought and time into making one. The beautiful-looking handcuffs come in many distinctive materials that you can freely choose from. You can get sex toy cuffs that consist of soft silicon, silk, and fur according to your mood. If you are unsure of metal handcuffs, you can opt for the more expensive one; leather material that can last for years. This will look not only good for your aesthetics but also a necessary accessory to dig into your sexual preferences.

You need to remember that being involved in bondage intercourse can get rough. Therefore, you need to decide well. Some advised locations you can put the handcuffs on are the bedpost, the stairs and a table. The pain inflicted can turn into hysteria if you fail to process the BDSM and its objectives.

Rope Bondage

bdsm sex toys

When it comes to kinks, BDSM is one type that people are gradually getting interested in. When you engage in these sexual acts, it gives you enjoyment from either being the dominant part or the disciplined one. Rope bondage is another sex toy you can get if you are experimenting around. However, you need to know this one requires a person to have great creativity around rope management. This particular BDSM sex toy is the best kind of it, especially when you experience extreme freedom-reducing sensation. 

Catering to everyone’s desire and the utmost safety of users, rope materials such as silk, bamboo, polyester, and many others are the options you can consider getting. A quick tip for beginners would be to get nylon-rope material as it is softer when put on any parts of your body whereas hemp can be harsh on the skin yet does not inflict burns at some points.

Collar and Leash

The top bondage restraint BDSM sex toys go to collar and leash. Its adorable outer visual indicates a strong sense of pet play amongst the dominant and the lesser ones. This is suitable for mood arousing during foreplay. The leash tends to bond the less aggressive party as submissive and owned by the partners. 

When choosing the leashes, you need to ensure the wearer’s best and most comfortable size not to experience any respiratory problems during intercourse. 


blindfold bdsm sex toys

One of the most common restraint sex toys yet can be modified to one’s particular preferences of roughness, and it is blindfolding. This type of bondage play is the most superior out of everything else due to the sensation it gives off. The inability to see or control views result in the wearer’s heightened submissiveness towards instructions. This sensation encourages sexual anticipation and increases the need to experiment around sexually.

There are more different types of bondage and restraint sex toys, but listed above are the most common ones for beginners. You can take this procedure step by step with mutual wants and needs to experience the best sexually-driven sensation. 

pretty sex toys for women

Sex Toys For Women & Men: 4 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Sex toys bring a whole new level of fun to your sex life. Whether it’s vibrators, butt plugs, or dildos - when you find one that gets you going, you just want to stay in bed all day. How you use sex toys for women or men is completely up to your imagination. It lets you explore your own sexuality so you can use them in the way that brings you the most pleasure. However, there are a few things you should know when using sex toys. You could be making mistakes you don’t even know about! We’re here to tell you what they are so you can avoid them and experience greater pleasure.

1. You’re Not Cleaning Your Toys Properly

After an orgasm, you would probably want to just lay there and lose yourself in ecstasy. Cleaning up would be the last thing on your mind when that happens. Some of you might even want to just take a nap right after. You need to kick that habit right away! Proper toy hygiene is important to keep your toy in tip-top shape and also for your own safety. If you don’t clean your toys properly, nasty bacteria may start to build up and it’s definitely going to upset your vagina. So how should you clean them?

cleaning sex toys

All sex toys should come with cleaning instructions, so don’t throw them away! Different sex toys require different cleaning methods depending on the material or whether it is battery-operated. Some can be washed with regular mild soap, others may need special cleaning agents. Your sex toys should be cleaned before and after every use to prevent any infections. Sounds like a chore but it’s definitely worth sparing yourself a trip to the gynecologist. If you don’t feel like cleaning right away, we suggest keeping some baby wipes nearby for a quick wipe down after use, and then wash your toy thoroughly after. If you're using sex toys for women or men it is always important that you clean it after each use and store it in a clean pouch or box.

sex toys  cleaned

2. Not Knowing What They’re Made Of

Regardless of which sex toy you choose to purchase, you should always check the material of the sex toy. It is very important to buy one that is made of body-safe material because these toys will be going on your most delicate area and you don’t want one that reacts badly with your body’s natural chemistry. Sex toys manufacturers are not obligated to disclose the materials used, but a reputable manufacturer will be more than happy to share that information with you. 

variations of sex toys

Avoid sex toys made of porous or cheap materials such as hard plastic, jelly rubber, phthalates, and thermoplastic rubber (TPR). Porous sex toys are very hard to be completely clean because there are microscopic holes on the surface that holds on to bacteria. The bacteria build-up can cause an infection if you continue to use them. To be safe, make sure to only buy your sex toys from reputable companies. 

3. You’re Using The Wrong Lube

Lubes come in different bases as well. There are water-based lube, silicone-based lube, and oil-based lube. The number one thing you need to commit to memory is to never use silicone-based lubes on silicone sex toys. Silicone lubes may last longer, but they will mess up your sex toys made of silicone and takes forever to clean off properly. If you’re using oil-based lubes, take extra care when cleaning your private part because it can cause infections if not cleaned out completely. Your safest choice of lube is water-based lube. They are known to be versatile because you can use them in any sexual activity and also safe to use on sex toys. They are also very easy to find and easy to clean off. A lot of sex toys for women may require a little lube so that it'll be easy to insert, so it's best to invest in lube.

dildo vibrator

4. You Chose The Most Popular Toy

There are so many different types of sex toys for women and men out there and you just don’t know which one to choose! Naturally, you went with the most popular one. We understand that it can be difficult to know which one’s right for you, but don’t let popularity decide what you should be using. But of course it’s not entirely wrong to choose a popular one, after all, it’s popular for good reasons. However, choosing a sex toy should be about your body and how you want to be pleasured. If you want more g-spot stimulation, a vibrator probably can’t get the job done.

sex toys aesthetics

You might feel awkward or shy walking into a sex toy shop to get sex toys for women and men, but it’s better than shopping yourself online. This is because sex toy stores have employees who can really help you find a toy that best suits you. They’re not there to judge you, they’re there to help you make a decision. When you can’t decide what you’re looking for, talking to someone who is familiar with sex toys could help you discover something better.

sex toys malaysia happiness

Sex Toys Malaysia: How To Incorporate Them In Your Relationship

Has there ever been a time in your relationship where sex has become predictable? Or perhaps sex has felt like a chore and you’re just not in the mood for it as often as before. You and your partner are still in a loving relationship, but a sexy new piece of lingerie or a new sex position doesn’t make their way into the bedroom. Getting it on shouldn’t be that hard, right? More often than not, it just means that you and your partner need to get on the same page about what you both want. If you’re wondering where to start, introducing sex toys is one of the easiest ways to spice up a relationship.

Step 1: Breathe, It’s Totally Normal

Before you dismiss the idea, it’s pretty common to add sex toys into relationships. It is completely normal to want to experiment with someone you can be intimate with, and chances are your partner will be interested too! You don’t have to wait for the “right time” to introduce sex toys to your partner. Some couples are already familiar with sex toys and introduce it early in the relationship, while others choose to wait a while. There are also couples who may never want sex toys at all. Although the topic of sex toys in Malaysia is still a major taboo with consent and discussion, you and your partner will be fine.

Step 2: Keep It Real

Start the conversation with your partner by saying that you found an article about spicing up the relationship with sex toys. Explain that it will be a great change from the predictable sex you both have. Include the fact that this benefits both of you. Some men might feel insecure about this topic, because they may think they’re not doing a good enough job. When this happens, reassure them that all you want is to discover new sensations together. Ultimately, it is not just all about spicing things up but also encouraging deeper levels of intimacy and greater sexual pleasure for the both of you. To make things fun you can even look for sex toys in Malaysia that suit your personalities.

happiness with sex toys malaysia

Step 3: Get Into Details

Once you and your partner are comfortable moving forward with the idea of sex toys, it is time to talk about which toy both of you might want to try. There are plenty of sex toys you can get in Malaysia - penis rings, strap-ons, butt plugs, remote-controlled vibrators, you name it. Each toy can be played with differently and bring different dynamics to the bedroom, so take the time to talk about what turns the both of you on. If you’re both interested in anal play, you might want to start with a butt plug. Or if your partner likes teasing you, let your partner have control of the vibrator remote.

Step 4: Start Shopping

So you and your partner has decided on your first sex toy, it’s time to go shopping! We always recommend going into a store to buy one, because there are employees there ready to answer any questions you might have about the product. They might even be able to recommend a more suitable option depending on what you are looking for. Some stores also display the product for customers to feel the texture or vibration levels, and you can decide from there if that’s what you like. But if you and your partner are shy to shop in person, you can always choose to shop online. In which case, you might want to read online reviews or watch a video on how they work.

sex toys Malaysia for women

Step 5: Time To Have Fun

You have your very first sex toy in your hands, and the next step is to start experimenting. You might not know how to get the best sensation out of it at first, so you’ll have to try it out for yourself. Once you have found that sweet spot, let your partner take over. There is more than one way to use a sex toy, so don’t be shy to explore together with your partner. Think outside the box and let your reactions be the guide here. With a new sex toy comes new imagination, and this just might be what the both of you need.

sex toys Malaysia keeps you pleasured

In any case, having sex toys as part of your sexual adventure shows that you and your partner are not afraid of exploring your sexualities. Don' You will end up discovering new things and develop a deeper level of intimacy through this playful experience, as well as added variety to your sex life. The important thing to remember here is that introducing sex toys to spice up your relationship should be mutual. If your partner is not open to the idea, talk to them and find out what other ideas they have in mind to enhance both of your sex lives.

sex toy shop

Sex Toy Shop Tips: Find Toys Based On Your Personality

Do you like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but your friends don’t? Maybe you like staying in, but you have friends that enjoy going out. Depending on the personality, everyone has different likes and dislikes. This is the same when it comes to choosing a sex toy. If you know what kind of person you are, we can help you find the best one! We have narrowed the choices down to 5 of our favourite recommendations. Be sure to look out for these when you check out your local sex toy shop

Clitoral Massager For The Oral Addicts

oral addicts check out this sex toy shop

Do you crave the mouth work of your significant other, but can’t meet up with them? This toy will give you the sensation of oral sex. It has suction and vibration pattern randomization, the perfect combo that feels just like the real thing, or maybe even better! The clitoris is an important part of sexual pleasure that doesn’t get enough appreciation. If you’re the kind of person who wants a strong climax, then this is the toy for you to get that satisfying orgasm when vaginal penetration isn’t enough.

Nipple Clamps Because Your Body Is A Wonderland

find the best nipple clamps sex toy shop

You’re good with your hands, but you’ve only got 2! Your body is a wonderland and should be explored all over. When your hands are busy down there, who is gonna give the girls up their attention? These nipple clamps can fill that role. It also adds a little fun for your partner. If you like to be dominated, the chain is there for your partner to do a little tugging. The tugging gives extra sensation which makes it fun for you too!

If Butt Stuff Is Your Kink, This Should Do The Trick

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If you’re curious about anal play, there are some great butt plugs available for beginners to get familiar with their behind. We don’t recommend starting with anal beads, as they need careful movements to be pleasurable. On the other hand, the pleasure from butt plugs comes from its fullness that you will feel once it’s inside of you. There’s even ones that vibrate! You’ll have full control over its power, or even hand it over to your partner and have them control it during foreplay. Trying with a butt plug first can also prepare you for anal penetration when you feel ready with your partner. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about butt stuff. Will there be doo-doo? There might be, but that’s normal. As long as you clean up afterwards, all is well!

Daredevils - Meet The Love Egg

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So you like the thrill of wondering if people know you’re having some secret fun? Meet the love egg - a vibrator shaped like an egg that you can insert into your vagina, completely hidden from the outside. Make your grocery trip fun by inserting this toy before you go out. You can control the intensity of the vibration with the remote that comes with it, enjoy it until you climax, and no one would even know! Unless of course, if you make a face or sound in public. There’s a lot of other ways to use this, such as having it vibrate inside of you while receiving oral from your partner, or have your partner control it when you’re on a date to spice things up. If you’re looking to buy this, make sure to look for one made of body-safe silicone. This toy is typically small, quiet, and waterproof and you can find them in your nearest sex toy shop. It’s easy to store, so you can also bring it with you when you travel!

The Sex Enthusiast

Being a sex enthusiast doesn’t mean you’re a sex addict. It means more than that to you. You’re passionate about sex, you value what your partner likes as much as you enjoy receiving it. You preach safe sex, and you’re not shy about educating yourself and others about it. You see sex as something intimate and enjoy all aspects of it - the sweat, the moans, and the dirty talks. If this is you, you’ll definitely enjoy using the rabbit vibrator. It has two main parts, a clitoral tickler shaped like a bunny’s ears and a phallic-shaped shaft for vaginal penetration. As mentioned, it’s also a vibrator! A toy that sends vibration to both the clitoris and vagina, isn’t that fun? The angular tip will also hit the G-spot.

The Good Old-Fashioned Vanilla

The words “sex toy” may be regarded as something vulgar or taboo, especially if you are a shy person. If you’re a beginner looking for a simple sex toy to start with, look no further than the silicone dildo! It’s shaped like a regular penis, a perfect choice for those who enjoy vanilla sex and curious about trying sex toys.

As you can see, there are different types of sex toys made to match different personalities or preferences out there. What’s most important when buying sex toys is to make sure they are made of body-safe materials. If you’re buying from a reputable sex toy shop, you should have nothing to worry about. Finally, just have fun with it!

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